Since everyone can have their own internet radio station today, question is why not you? It could be a personal hobby radio just for you and your followers, or it could be something that will grow big enough for you to make a decent living! We have couple of programs too so we can enjoy our favorite music everywhere in the world.

The best thing is that for a basic radio program you don't need any kind of equipment, all you need is our radio hosting service, some good music or podcasts that you'll play. You can upload music online on our server and spin it from there. Very easy.

Free web site & Free domain name!*

So, what makes us different from other internet radio hosting guys? We will build a website for your radio station, and set it all up for you for free! This way you will have all tools for your new radio, you just need to produce this new program! Your internet radio station will be online for less than 24hr after order!

Price for internet radio hosting 128 kbps:

  • 25 listeners
    • 1 month = $6
    • 12 months = $60
  • 50 listeners
    • 1 month = $8
    • 12 months = $80
  • 100 listeners
    • 1 month = $10
    • 12 months = $100

* To enjoy free web design and 1 year domain name registration offer, you'll have to subscribe to 12 months of hosting service.